Green Roofs in Rockville

Maryland Roofing Siding & Windows roofing provides a range of green roof systems designed with quality rooftop soil products that are customized for a range of energy efficient roof types. As a certified green roof company in Rockville , our green roofing specialists provide certified green roof construction and knowledgeable advice for a variety of eco roof options that include:

Rooftop Gardens – Classified as an intensive green roof option that offers a full landscape and offers numerous benefits to property owners and the extended community in urban areas of Rockville , rooftop gardens design plans include extra space for comfort and convenience in addition to accommodating a wide array of verdant plant options. Maryland Roofing Siding & Windows specialists bring your vision for a living roof to actual life with precise planning and layout plans designed to suit your budget.

Rooftop Lawns – With an average soil depth of 6 inches , Maryland Roofing Siding & Windows rooftop lawns support deep rooted lawn grasses that flourish in specially mixed soil that includes a measured amount go organic matter and sufficient finer particles that result in green roof systems that offer an additional lush landscape that can accommodate a variety of uses.

Perennial Roofs – Classified as a semi intensive green roof option that offers an average soil depth of 6- 8 inches, Maryland Roofing Siding & Windows installs perennial roofs that are tailored according to specific location and the climate in your area of Rockville . Benefit from qualified advice for efficient and eco-friendly green roof drainage systems in addition to plant selection options that leave ample root space for vegetation from licensed green roofing experts.

Sedum Roofs – One of the most preferred green roof types for home and business owners in Rockville , sedum roofs are designed with either a granular drainage system or with multi-layer synthetic drainage that is suitable for large urban buildings. Maryland Roofing Siding & Windows sedum roof installations offer superior and cost effective storm water retention that not only protects your property, but is also designed to support a variety of sturdy succulents in addition to quick germinating full vegetated blankets.

Roof Top Planters and Containers – Discuss your preferences for a uniquely designed layout of rooftop planters and containers available in a range of depths, sizes suitable for a variety of plant types.

Green Roof Installation

Whether your requirements include a green flat roof extension, green shingle roofing or an intricate eco roof system for a large commercial building in Rockville , our skilled and experienced team install a waterproof barrier between the soil and roof deck that is customized for each particular project according to building type, location ,budget and your particular requirements. Maryland Roofing Siding & Windows supplies a variety of green roofing materials that include soil mixes, roof substrates, soil protection barriers and a range of drainage and irrigation options.

Benefits of a Green Roof System:

  • Help to lessen heat island effect in Rockville with a lush rooftop garden that absorbs heat and reduces temperatures.
  • Enhance the appearance of your property and create an attractive oasis in concrete and crowded urban areas.
  • Reduce workplace stress and improve workplace performance with extra green space that offers relaxation and natural comfort.
  • Improve air quality with roof top systems that absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.