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Home ยป Leaky bay window? Professional Repair and Prevention

Leaky bay window? Professional Repair and Prevention

    Leaky bay window? Professional Repair and Prevention

    While bay windows are an attractive design choice, they can be expensive to install and maintain. If you’re a homeowner, you know that a bay window installation requires a skilled professional. Costs for a bay window, including labor to put it in and clean up afterwards, can vary widely, from around $500 to more than $3,000, as reported by Home Advisor. It will leak if the seal is not tight enough.

    You should contact RoofPro if you see water leaking in through your bay window. We can fix your leaking bay window and help you avoid further problems.

    Methods We Use to Pinpoint the Issue

    When you call, we’ll usually send someone out to take a look at the problem soon away. We will check the roof, gutters, siding, and bay window for damage and make any necessary repairs. There could be a number of causes for the leak in your property. We will check the sealant, wall, and gutters around your bay window as part of our examination. The bay window repair estimate will be written after that. Every customer in Howard County, Baltimore, and the DC area receives this inspection at no cost.

    The Bay Window Leak Causes

    There are a few more causes of water leakage in bay windows besides age or damage to the home itself. Installing a bay window yourself increases the likelihood of complications. We get that some house improvements and repairs may be done cheaply if you do it yourself, but a bay window is not one of them. For this type of home renovation endeavor, YouTube is not your friend; hire a professional instead.

    If you have already hired a contractor but there are still warning indications of leaks, such as watermarks or excessive condensation, they may have done a poor job. Not even after two years of installation should you notice any problems. If so, you should stop wasting time calling the same company for service and go on to someone else. Get a second opinion by inquiring about reliable local recommendations. Without the proper experience, installing bay windows may be a disaster. Don’t squander resources on doubt.

    Another possible cause of water seepage in your bay window is an inadequate foundation for the added weight. A bay window will need to be replaced if your home’s foundation shifts. It’s important that a bay window’s weight isn’t transferred to the structure below it, so make sure it can support itself before installing one. You may notice that your foundation is beginning to separate from the rest of your house as a result of the added tension.

    Stopping Problems Before They Start

    The RoofPro team has mastered the art of bay window repair and installation, which is not easy to master. The key to avoiding future problems with a newly built or repaired home is to get the installation right from the outset. If you do it right the first time, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and money in repairs and prevent future problems. The installation of a bay window requires careful consideration of a number of different elements.

    Waterproofing a bay window that isn’t made of the same material as the exterior on the home requires precise measurements and a flawless installation. If the home is clad in brick, the bay window installer will need to take particular care in their preparations.

    RoofPro is familiar with such situations. When installing a window, the first step is to measure its perimeter from every possible aspect. Then, we use the grinder to make a little hole in the mortar, big enough to conceal the counter flashing. It can be tucked within for a smooth change. A silicone roofing sealant is used to attach the flashing to the brick once the materials have been bonded. Next, the materials are shaped and bent to fit the bay window’s final location.

    Other factors that can cause leaks in your bay window include outdated windows, a lack of sealants or caulk, and cracked or missing flashing. Inspecting your home and bay window for damage is a standard part of our annual maintenance checks. Preventative measures are essential. A roof and bay windows should be inspected annually to catch any problems early on before they cause major damage or deterioration. It’s generally more expensive to wait to finish repairs.

    Do It Once, Do It Right

    Bay windows, as we at RoofPro are well aware, give a home a special look that can’t be achieved with any other type of window. Your bay window should be both aesthetically pleasing and practical. So that you may do it correctly the first time, please allow us to assist you. Our workers have worked on bay windows for many years and can install or fix any problem you may have. If you’re ready to have a bay window installed in your house or have an existing bay window repaired, give us a call at 410-862-3717. We also provide a simple web form where you may ask for a quote.

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