7 Surprisingly Romantic Things You Can Do For A Man

Give your partner a stress-free evening by stepping up and making the call about your dinner plans if you truly want to prove your love for him.

1. Pick where to go to dinner

Prepare a bath for him, replete with your favourite bath bombs and candles. Alternatively, if they don't want to soak in the tub, prepare a foot bath and foot massage for them.

2. Run him a bath

Without any reservations, go see that huge idiotic summer blockbuster. 

3. Go see the movie he wants to see

In light of this, if you want to charm a man or give him a little romanticism, tell him, "Damn, you look good today."

4. Tell him he looks greatAries women

So why not somewhat defy his expectations and give him flowers one day without any apparent reason?

5. Bring him flowers

The most romantic actions are those that are selfless and put the needs of the other person first.

6. Organize a night out with his friends

Decide in advance that you want to spend the entire day by your man's side, ideally close to the bedroom, and that you want him to do the same.

7. Stay in

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