7 Unexpected 2023 Predictions Experts Made 100 Years Ago

Charles P. Steinmetz, an electrical engineer, foresaw "an astonishing revolution in life in 2023 and a workday that lasts no longer than four hours.

We'll Have a Four-Hour Workday

The Apple Watch, or at least something similar to it, was what Americans dreamed of long before Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, and the release of the iPhone.

We'll Communicate With 'Watch-Size' Phones

The estimate that there will be 300 million people living in the United States by 2023 was one of the more accurate ones. 

The U.S. Will Have a Population of 300 Million

Even though this forecast was made before the term "biodegradable" existed, scientists were already considering buildings and household items 

Utensils and Dwellings Will Be Made of 'Pulp'

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The first drone's designer and scientist Archibald Low foresaw wireless warfare as early as 2023.

We'll Have Telepathy

According to one forecast, there won't be a need for beauty pageants in 2023 because "there will be so many gorgeous people

Everybody Will Be Gorgeous


Life expectancy has been declining in the United States, peaking at 79 in 2019 and falling to 76 in 2021, 

Life Expectancy Will Be 300 Years

 defying one expert's prediction that "the average length of human life will reach 300 years."

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