NFL fans respond to the hilarious Tom Brady news.

It's no secret that Tom Brady has been the most dominant quarterback in NFL history, having won three league MVP honours and seven Super Bowls. 

But one statistic elevates their recent domination to a whole new level and raises the stakes ahead of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dallas Cowboys matchup on Monday night.

Tom Brady has a chance to overtake the Dallas Cowboys club in postseason victories this week, according to NFL reporter Babe Laufenberg. 

Brady has 35 career postseason victories going into the game on Monday night, while the Cowboys have 35 playoff victories overall.

"Tom Brady will exceed the Cowboys' all-time playoff win total if he defeats the Cowboys on Monday night. nor the postseason triumphs of Staubach.

 including Aikman's. I'm referring to the entire business. Brady has 35 postseason victories. Cowboys franchise: 35 postseason victories, according to Laufenberg.

"Tom Brady won 35 postseason games in his career. In the 2023 playoffs, no quarterback has more than 27 than he does (Mahomes has 8). 

Brady's overall number of postseason victories still falls short of those of the other 13 starting quarterbacks, according to Jordan Moore of The Athletic in a tweet.

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