Photo of Stray Cat That Looks Like 'Museum Exhibit'  puzzled  Internet

An strange snapshot taken by Wisconsin-based photographer Ross Harried has left the internet perplexed after the final image's stray cat subject made it appear like a museum display.

The unusual image was captured on Harried's DSLR camera trap and has garnered a lot of attention online after being shared under the photographer's @SecondCropCreative social media handle.

"I couldn't have composed the picture or animal better myself in terms of composition. I about threw up when I took the card out, 

and I immediately emailed my wife, saying, "I have award-winning shots, no joke." My expectations were much exceeded by these photographs," remarked Harried.

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"I enjoy various kinds of photography, but I built a DSLR camera trap specifically for this shot and have only used it a few times. The time it takes to scout and follow my subjects is considerable.

 The setup comprises of a vintage Canon T3i and an 18-55mm kit lens that I paid $50 for used. The flashes are two Nikon SB-24s that I purchased for between $20 and $30 on eBay


Harried continued by saying that the sensor and trigger receivers in his set-up allowed his camera to shoot pictures when a subject activated the sensor nearby

which is how the "operation" was able to function smoothly.I am using only Camtraptions gear, Harried continued.

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