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Rob Gronkowski Wishes To Fix Up Tom Brady With An Oscar Winner

This week, Rob Gronkowski questioned Tom Brady about making a play for "80 for Brady" co-star Sally Field.

In a lighthearted exchange between the former NFL teammates on the podcast “Let’s Go!” tight-end great Gronkowski hinted that Field might be a good match for the quarterback.

After his Tampa Bay Buccaneers' loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Monday in the wildcard round of the playoffs, Brady is now divorced and has some free time.

Brady's performance in "80 for Brady" was complimented by Gronkowski, who also asked this intriguing query:

"Tom, after that Oscar-worthy performance, have you thought about dating Sally Field or what?"

Brady acknowledged that they "did have kind of an on-camera little, you know, thing going" with the "Places in the Heart" actor. We'll see where it goes from here because we had a great time together.

Yes, I did see that, Gronk said.Brady added that Gronk and Jane Fonda in the movie's locker room scene seemed to click.

Brady remarked, "I think you and Jane Fonda had a good sequence too; that was extremely hot. "I couldn't wait to see it,"

However, Fonda might not be in it. She claimed that when she first met Brady, her "knees literally got weak."

Field can be a difficult customer. When asked which of her co-stars was the worst kisser during her career, she responded with the late Burt Reynolds, who was also a longtime boyfriend.

In the 2017 Super Bowl, where Brady led the New England Patriots to an incredible comeback victory over the Atlanta Falcons, Fonda, Field, Rita Moreno

and Lily Tomlin play Brady-obsessed seniors who plot to attend. Brady is also the comedy's producer; it debuts on February 3.

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