She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Shockingly Told Her That She Needed To Lose Weight

It's true that some guys shouldn't even be permitted to date. You know, certain people are infamous players, they frequently refuse to accept no, or they savagely insult you in front of others.

On TikTok, Jules (@julez1890) recounts a terrible dating experience where the guy she was with told her she needed to lose weight in order to keep him.

Jules, who is from Denver, Colorado, was in a bar in the city's centre when this incident happened.

Her date chose a vodka and tonic, which Jules thought was a horrible choice, while she ordered a whisky and Coke.

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They talked about all the typical dating issues, including jobs, aspirations, and desires. Jules didn't give up till the date's conclusion.

He said to her as follows:You know what, Jules, you're really amazing, but if I were to date you, you'd probably need to lose around ten or fifteen pounds.

He then criticised her drink selection and diet decisions by informing her that Coke has too much sugar.


He stopped at the bathroom before they went, and while he was distracted, Jules took a shot of one of the priciest whiskies there and walked out.

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