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Signs of the Zodiac with Serious Obsessions, Ranked From Most to Least

The most fixated sign of the zodiac is the Scorpio. It's practically hard for them to be anything other than passionate, possessive, and protective.

1. Scorpio

Relationships are incredibly important to cancers. They don't become possessive when they grow fixated on someone.

2. Cancer

Taureans are practical but a little narrow-minded. Taurus is simply too obstinate to give up on attaining what they want once they become fixated on someone or something.

3. Taurus

Free-spirited people are Pisces. They can access their emotions a little bit more than others since they have that much creative flexibility in their own brains.

4. Pisces

Never wanting to be alone, Libras. They may develop an obsession with the concept of having a companion by their side at all times, whether it be a love partner or more of a buddy.

5. Libra 

Aries people have a lot of passion. Their enthusiasm could morph into an obsession (but not that easily).

6. Aries 

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Leos have a strong sense of self. They are strong self-motivators who rarely require compliments or excessive praise because they often take care of things on their own.

7. Leo

Virgos have a capital P for persistence. They put in a lot of effort and are constantly seeking greater achievement. 

8. Virgo

Capricorns are organised and responsible. It's just not in their nature to be obsessional. They are adept at distinguishing between determination and other traits.

9. Capricorn

Geminis are always evolving and growing. They do not easily become fascinated since they find obsession to be uninteresting.

10. Gemini


Aquarius dislikes showing excessive emotion. They typically turn away from anything that is simply too much for them.

11. Aquarius

The Sagittarius sign is impulsive. They are the epitome of freedom; nobody else has the power to influence any of their decisions.

12. Sagittarius

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