The ‘best job in America’

According to Ingram, "the occupation's 10-year outlook is good and predicted to grow at an above-average rate." "Due to the growing quantity of goods and services that employ software,

it is anticipated to be in high demand. The appeal of this vocation is also aided by low unemployment and a high median wage.

According to a forecast by Alcor, an IT software recruitment firm, the unemployment rate for software engineers will be about 2.3% in 2022, compared to a 3.2% national unemployment rate in December.

However, not everyone who works in the industry is happy. According to Alcor CEO Dmitry Ovcharenko, some analysts expect that up to 42% of engineers will quit their current full-time jobs.

Despite the need for programmers, it can be challenging to secure a job. According to a recent article by Ovcharenko, "many excellent programmers are frequently left behind 

because they don't have a degree in computer sciences, which is still a top criterion among IT organisations." 

To meet the needs of the business, universities aren't graduating enough tech specialists. He recommended that businesses employ more graduates from coding boot camps.

A nurse practitioner, whose typical annual compensation was $123,780, came in at number two on the U.S. News list. Physician assistant was at position no. 4 ($121,530)

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