The Best Pocket Knives to Keep on You Every Day

You want a pocket knife for a single, ostensibly straightforward reason: to carry around in case you need to cut something.

The Expert: When I didn't have a pocket knife, my grandmother once reprimanded me, saying that on their dairy farm, a man carrying one was worth an extra dollar per hour.

Best Pocket Knives

Look for a folding option when choosing a knife for everyday carry (EDC) that can be quickly stowed on your belt or in your pocket.


The carbon, stainless, and tool steel subcategories of pocket knives are the three most popular. Although carbon steel is strong, quick to sharpen, and keeps an edge well, the blade requires extra maintenance due to the metal's propensity for corrosion.


Even if you decide to make your purchase online, it may be worthwhile to visit an outdoor retailer first so you can touch a variety of knives and choose which size and design suit you the best.

Fit and Feel

The inner liner of the handle is bent at one end, making it work like a spring. In order to prevent the blade from shutting, the spring-loaded liner moves behind the tang when the knife is opened.

Locking Mechanisms

In this technique, the frame slides behind the blade in a manner similar to a liner lock. Pro: Secure. Con: Doesn’t work with both hands.

Lockback knives have a locking bar that extends from the base of the handle to the top of the tang and locks into place using a spring. To release the blade from the tang, push the bar towards the butt of the handle.

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