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The Zodiac Sign That Is Most Likely To Obsess Over Their Ex

Taureans are exceedingly loyal by nature, which heightens their need to learn what their ex-partners are doing, whether it has been a month or five years following their breakup.

6 Taurus

Virgos are renowned for having worried and insecure dispositions. They tend to blame themselves for anything bad that occurs to them, especially a breakup.

5 Virgo

They frequently hold beliefs in concepts such as soul mates and destiny, so when a relationship doesn't work out the way they had hoped, they may exhibit some compulsive behaviour.

4 Aquarius

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When a relationship ends, people frequently go to their ex's social media profiles to make sure they came out on top.

3 Leo


Can you blame a Scorpio for loving their partner? This generous sign will fall madly in love quickly but will also struggle to let go. 

1 Scorpio

They are the sign most likely to obsess over an ex since they will seize any opportunity to learn more about the whereabouts of a former partner.


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