These are the best U.S. states to raise a family

5 greatest states in the US to raise a family if you earn over $70,000 annually

2.New York 

5 best U.S. states to raise a family 

New York is the second state on the list. It was the 36th most affordable option.

5 best U.S. states to raise a family 

Outside of New York City, the state, in Rocket Mortgage's estimation, is nowhere near as pricey, which tipped the scale of affordability statewide.

5 best U.S. states to raise a family 

New York has world-class hospitals, similar to Boston, which contributes to the state's seventh-place ranking in terms of healthcare.

Vermont is the third state on the list. Despite lacking sizable metropolises like the preceding two states, Vermont makes up for it with extensive ski routes and a robust tourism sector.

To safeguard the environment, Vermont has some of the strictest zoning regulations. Atop 9.4% at the highest income levels, it also has some of the highest state income taxes.

Despite the high state income taxes, it's crucial to remember that, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average wage is $61,581 and the average income is $76,398.

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