Tom Brady's Retirement Remark Has Gone Viral

Aaron Rodgers' NFL future was discussed by Tom Brady and Steve Young on the most recent episode of the Let's Go! podcast.

After the Packers' loss to the Lions on Sunday night, Rodgers made an odd exit. He left the field as though it were his last time ever donning the uniform for the team.

Young further on this subject by describing the thoughts of the greatest players ever who are considering retirement.

"In my opinion, what he is thinking about is death. And who decides to die? Because, you know what?

when you're the best in the world at something and quit, the next day you're not, and you learn — you know what? 

 Actually, I'm not even excellent at anything else," Young admitted. "As a result, you find yourself desperately wanting to return to the activity I excelled at. 

Maybe Brady is implying that he'll be returning for another season in this fashion. It might also imply that he won't make a choice straight away.

Brady is currently focused on helping the Buccaneers defeat the Cowboys in the NFL Wild Card round.

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