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Unusual Places where you find your solumate

It would be best to play on an executive par-3 course because less serious golfers will use it.

1. Golf course

Take advantage of the back wall where other lone players will be practising.

2. Tennis courts

Be friendly and acknowledge people near you. Say hi and take off your headphones — and don't bother other people who are wearing headphones

3. The gym

Talk to people in the holding room or in restaurants.

4. The airport

Attend a hockey game, soccer match, or golf match.

5.Sporting venues

Find one of the many groups in your region by checking around, or start your own! It's a fantastic chance to connect with others who share your interests.

6. A meet-up group

Never close yourself off in a booth; always keep an open space. As you pass by, smile at the people.

7. Any social event where people can mingle

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