Which Zodiac Signs  Are Mortal Enemies?

Gemini is the sign that couldn't stand itself more than any other.A Gemini is a sign with two personalities contained inside it, toeing the edge between sanity and craziness.

1. Gemini & Gemini

If we're being completely honest, Scorpio doesn't really have any pals in the other signs of the zodiac because, well, that's just how Scorpio operates.

2. Scorpio & Aquarius

If we were to pick just one sign that Scorpio absolutely despises and practically spits fire upon, it would be Aquarius.

Scorpio & Aquarius

Although Libra may not possess the same level of spontaneity as Aquarius, they do have a propensity to live in the moment and have little to no worries.

3. Libra & Aries

In their universe, harmony is essential and everything is lovely.Even if this works with the other signs, Libra will get physical with Aries.

 Libra & Aries

Although opposites attract and Leo and Taurus might make a terrific couple, they have trouble maintaining a friendship.

4. Leo & Taurus

Taurus must do whatever it takes to acquire what they desire, in contrast to Leo's urge to remain loyal.

Leo and Taurus

Pisces and Cancer are both highly sensitive signs. It sort of makes sense that they would be friends because each one is so sensitive that they might all be called hyper. Wrong.

5. Cancer & Pisces

Two Aries are even more deadly than two Gemini. Why? But, holy hell, when two rams get together and refuse to concede defeat or admit their errors, the result is a complete disaster.

6. Aries & Aries

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