Your flirting style, according to your zodiac sign

Aries people are confident and bold in all they do, including flirting. They have little trouble identifying the bar's hottest patron.


Leos are expert flirts because they are charismatic and cocky. Leos typically possess a variety of skills, from intense eye contact to a killer smile.


The best way to characterise the Sag flirting is as enjoyable. Sags have a contagious sense of humour and are always ready with a belly-laughing anecdote.


It should come as no surprise that Geminis rely largely on their wit when it comes to seducing a possible spouse given their reputation for having a way with words.


Libras, who are Venus's astrological sign, are frequently born flirts. They excel at influencing others with their allure, charisma, and beauty.


With their enthusiasm and wit, the Aquarian can keep large groups of people captivated with their adept flirting.


The flirting of a Cancer is typically highly alluring and nurturing at the same time. Deep talks and demonstrating their sincere concern are key.


The word "suggestive" would be the best way to sum up a Scorpio's flirtatious behaviour. There are many cheeky and enjoyable aspects to it.


Pisces people are typically shy, and this trait extends to flirting as well. They frequently take on a distinct identity to assist them gain confidence.


Taurus are incredibly gentle when it comes to flirting, which may surprise some people given that the bull is their zodiac sign. They adore everything about rom-coms.


For better or worse, Virgos are experts at sending conflicting messages. The next moment, they can be utterly smitten with someone else.


Although Capricorns tend to be a touch reserved, this doesn't stop people from wanting to delve deeper and get to know them better.


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